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Running a small business in a recession is no small effort but there is good news. You can save yourself effort and money in smart ways and buy yourself the time to enjoy them. Online postage is one of those ways to get organized, eliminate wasteful trips and keep on top of things with ease.

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Announcement: 2023 Holiday Delivery Deadlines for Shipping Rates are ready!

Don’t miss the holiday season shipping deadlines either in 2023. Last year we saw a ton of positive responses to our deadline tracking on shipping rates, so make sure to check it out! We have rates for all classes of service from USPS®, UPS® & FedEx® for 571 routes between major US cities, along with the last day to ship for Christmas in 2023.

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As operators of a small business, we know expenses can run rampant if you’re not careful. It’s also sometimes a headache making sure everything gets done. Everything from doing the work to the billing to buying supplies, to cleaning the bathroom sink, you’re making it happen. When you’re in that situation, it’s also easy for your time and energy to run short. That phrase “it’s better to work smarter, not harder” sounds great, but some chores just can’t be avoided, right?

Well in some cases that’s true; you’ve still got to do your taxes and take the trash out. Some things that may have seemed inevitably annoying actually aren’t inevitable. The chore of taking your outbound mail to the post office, for example, is now an unnecessary step. Going out to buy postage and standing in postal lines to ship packages… now totally obsolete. Save the lines for people with nothing better to do. Technology has afforded you solutions that can save time and money, so your postage hassles will be surprisingly hassle-free.

On this site we have some unique services (USPS approved) that can help you do even the most mundane tasks, like sending invoices, much more quickly and efficiently. You can send parcels out directly from your home or office because you will have the ability to generate the correct amount of postage for them without having to take them in to the post offices. Even use software that plugs in with e-commerce systems for online merchants that tracks your orders for you! There are a wide variety of postal services now available to the business owner that can save your valuable time or that of your employees.

If you need shipping guides or have other postage questions we can help too! We get asked all sorted of questions like can you use old stamps, maybe what is dimensional weight or what is the value of a forever stamps. If you have a question we didn’t answer, please contact us and we will add it to the site.

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