Features of the Stamps.com® Product

Stamps.com® has some really great features available to its customers. The system is designed to be versatile enough to accommodate the needs of many types of businesses and users and to save your time and energy.

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General features that everyone can enjoy:

  • Great service- free webinars, free technical support and USPS trained mailing and shipping experts
  • Print USPS postage from your printer- postage good for all domestic and international mail for envelopes or packages.
  • Free welcome kit and easy-to-install software for the PC or Mac running Windows. You don’t even need to wait for a CD, you can download the software from their site and get started now.
  • Free supplies- get free Express Mail® and Priority Mail® boxes, labels and envelopes, Certified Mail® forms and more.
  • Never overpay or underpay (yikes) for postage again- the scale and software will allow the system will tell you exactly how much you need. See a video of how it works.
  • No equipment to purchase, insure, or maintain.
  • Choose your mail class and delivery service based on your needs- First Class Mail®, Priority Mail®, Express Mail®, International Mail, Parcel Post & Media mail.
  • Instant rate comparisons for all postage rate classes- see instantly what makes sense See how easy this is.
  • Get postal services without going to the Post Office- these include Delivery Confirmation®, Return Receipt®, Certified Mail®, Insurance and more. Click to schedule a free pick-up and skip the trip.
  • Never run out of stamps- you can update the amount of postage in your account almost instantly 24 hours a day. See a video of how to do this.
  • Forget special supplies- print postage and address directly on envelopes at the same time.
  • Personalize your postage- create custom postage (add your own design, logo, etc.) and shipping labels at no additional cost.
  • Photo Net Stamps available- for a small additional cost, order professionally printed full-color photographic quality images/ designs onto customized stamps.
  • One click package tracking- no entering long tracking numbers
  • Stamps.com® customer discounts not available at the Post Office-
    • Express Mail® shipments: save up to 21%
    • Priority Mail® shipments: save up to 15%
    • Package Insurance: save up to 10%
  • Import existing address information- Quickbooks, Outlook and other popular address programs work with the system so skip the data reentry. Stamps.com® address book import feature
  • Don’t pay for typeos- don’t have any parcel returned due to incorrect address. Each address is verified with the USPS database.
  • Easy postage expense reporting- see where and how much you’re spending on Postage for your accounting and taxes.
  • Get access to USPS forms online- now you can type USPS forms in digital format rather than hand-writing them for added ease and professional appearance.
  • Print hidden postage- so the recipient will not see the postage amount paid

Something for Everyone

Stamps.com® has created a very versatile service because they know the postage-meter solution (one size fits all) just won’t cut it in this century. Their customers may be doing anything from sending holiday postcards to newsletters to monthly billing invoices to fulfilling online orders. With such a wide variety of customers, they’ve gone a long way to creating convenience for individual needs.

Shipping internationally? Stamps.com® has some great benefits for you, including:

  • All popular mailing classes available: First Class, Global Pririty Mail, Global Express Mail® and Airmail Parcel Post.
  • Stamps.com® customer discounts not available at the Post Office-
    • Priority Mail® International: 5% savings
    • Express Mail® International: 8% savings
  • Save time with automated customs forms.

Are you an online retailer/ reseller?

Stamps.com® has some great features that allow you to streamline your shipping and save a lot of time.

  • Retrieve order data from systems such as eBay®, Amazon.com® Pro Merchant, Google Checkout, Yahoo! Merchant and PayPal Shops
  • Manage and print labels for orders from multiple sources
  • Keep track of your orders from an easy-to-use interface
  • Batch print shipping labels even when the parcels are of various sizes and weights
  • Customer notification- send out emails to customers letting them know their order has shipped and give them the tracking number.

Send out monthly billing statements?

  • Mail invoices easily- use Quickbooks or MS word to print your postage from the software.

Mailing publications or newsletters?

  • Enjoy 1- click mass mailings
  • Print exact postage and addresses directly on envelopes
  • Print postage on labels for catalogs

Trying Stamps.com® is easy. You don’t have an obligation to continue the service and there is nothing to return if you do. Their service has plenty of information to help you get started.


We may receive a commission if you purchase a product we have featured on our site. Disclosure