2018 USPS Postage Rate Changes for All Classes of Mail

On January 21st, 2018 a slew of new changes to postage rates will occur for almost all classes of mail, with the majority of senders being affected. Read on to find out what is happening.

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The highlights:

  • Changes take effect on January 21st, 2018
  • The first-class forever stamp price will increase from $0.49 to $0.50
  • Postcard stamps and metered letters will also have a $0.01 increase, though there will be no change to international single-piece letters or additional ounces.

Summary of first-class and basic mailing changes:

Product Current Proposed Change
Letters $0.49 $0.50 +$0.01
Letters: additional ounces $0.21 Unchanged  
Letters (metered) $0.46 $0.47 +$0.01
1oz International Letters $1.15 Unchanged  
Postcards (domestic US) $0.34 $0.35 +$0.01

What about Priority Mail and Shipping Services?

Well, changes are afoot here too with the following highlights:

  • Priority mail prices will increase on average 3.9%
  • Priority mail retail will increase an average of 0.8%

Here’s a handy-dandy table of the changes:

Product Current Proposed Change
Small Flat Rate Box $7.15 $7.20 +$0.05
Medium Flat Rate Box $13.60 $13.65 +$0.05
Large Flat Rate Box $18.85 $18.90 +$0.05
APO/FPO Large Flat Rate Box $17.35 $17.40 +$0.05
Regular Flat Rate Envelope $6.65 $6.70 +$0.05
Legal Flat Rate Envelope $6.95 $7.00 +$0.05
Padded Flat Rate Envelope $7.20 $7.25 +$0.05

That’s the changes so far. Please note: this isn’t fully confirmed yet and there may be updates. Check back again if you need to keep tabs on this!

Source: US Postal Service Announces New Prices for 2018

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We may receive a commission if you purchase a product we have featured on our site. Disclosure