About Us

We are two people that basically got fed up of trying to navigate the maze of the post office near our home office.

Wait, What?

For real! We got tired of dealing with bad mail-people that lose our checks, not enough attendants (that are surly no less 9/10'ths of the time) and the general chaos of the holidays and tax season. It all added up into a cataclysmic explosion of furious coding and silly text that we don't expect people to read, but you're here now and haven't hit the back button.

We have 3 cats, are total dorks and generally don't care to waste our time with stuff that is annoying - thus our creation of this site. If you've got questions or comments or think this is the worst about page description you've seen in 14 days, 12 hours and 31 minutes, let us know.

Or don't.