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All the mysteries of the postage online and postal service world demystified! Read on to understand things once and for all (we hope).

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Stamps and Postage FAQ

Everything we wanted to tell you about stamps and postage that you forgot to ask.


The Current Price of Postage Stamps

The current price of a stamp is $0.49.


2017 USPS™ Holiday Shipping Deadlines

If you're shipping for Christmas there are a series of important dates and deadlines you need to know about for every class of mail and shipping internationally. We've got them all laid out below for your reference!


What You Can & Cannot Send

The day-to-day concern with accepting parcels is that they must be packaged well enough to protect their contents and strong enough to prevent the package from breaking and causing injury to employees or damage to other mail. Most people send normal items: documents, clothing, toys, etc. There are times when questions might arise about what can be sent and how.


Basic Rules To Be Aware Of

What should you not try and send? What sort of things can get you in trouble? How long can you have your mail forwarded? What is the once-and-for-all solution for annoying junk mail? All these mysteries and more answered.


Don't Get Your Mail Returned To You

Even mail that seems to be properly wrapped, addressed, with the correct postage may be brought right back to you. The post office reserves the right to refuse to ship what it considers non-mailable or improperly packaged items. This is a frustrating experience so here some tips on how to avoid that.


What Are Forever Stamps & Why Is Forever Crossed Out?

Why is Forever Crossed Out on Forever Stamps? Can I still use a forever stamp? How much does it cost for a Forever stamp? Everything about Forever Stamps is Here. We all are tired of Postage Rate increases and are quite unhappy with how the price creeps up over time. However, the Post Office came up with a solution to make our lives easier and less-math filled: Forever Stamps.


Do Stamps Expire? Not for the reasons you think.

Do Stamps Expire? In short - NO, they do not ever expire as long as they can be validated as legitimate postage. Damaged or otherwise unrecognizable stamps will likely be rejected. But you have to be careful, as rate changes are happening and changing how postage itself is calculated.


What Is Dimensional Weight?

Chances are if you have been shipping packages for more than a few years, you might not even be aware of the changes to the pricing system for a parcel. In 1997, shape-based pricing was introduced. It used to be that all parcel shipping prices were assessed by a weight-based calculation system. It used to be that sending an oddly shaped parcel like a guitar case would cost the same amount as a small rectangular parcel carrying the same amount of weight. Since the concept of Dimensional weight has been adopted worldwide, you could pay a lot more for that area. The cost of shipping smaller lightweight parcels has increased dramatically as well.


Forever Stamps Historical Value

What is the current price of a Forever Stamp? What was it before? Why do we care? Good question, but here are the answers: The current price of a forever stamp is $0.49.


Postage Rates

We've compiled all the postage rate increases happening here in the US and elsewhere every year. Keep checking back to see what is changing!