Forward your mail when you move. If you don’t want your mail going to the old address you can fill out a change of address form that will help the Post Office send mail to your new address.

Getting Things Forwarded

Here is where most people have a problem: There is a time limit (18th months) on how long your mail will be forwarded. After that, it will start being sent to the old address again. Make sure you update your new address with your friends/family/ doctors and other institutions you want to continue getting mail from. You should also re-register to vote using your new address and change the address on your driver’s license. Taking those steps means your privacy will be protected. Your bills, checks and other personal information won’t be given to the new resident of your old place and you will get the information you need by mail.

If you get mail intended for previous residents of your home, write on the envelope that the person does not live there and the mail should be returned to its sender. Put the envelope back in the mailbox for the postal delivery worker to take back. Under no circumstances should you open and examine the contents of the mail unless it is also addressed to “current resident”, in which case it is probably junk mail, but you are welcome to it.

The change of address form (frighteningly) can be filled out online here

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