Common Things You Can Send

The most common things you can send and how to package them for shipping without breaking the rules.

Common Things You Can Send

  • Printed material
    • Books- hardback
    • Books- paperboack
    • Magazines
    • Folders

If over 1 inch in thickness or 1 pound in weight: Need packaging and must have packaging more substantial than a non-reinforced flat envelope. Multiple books containers must be stabilized to prevent damage to container or contents. Requirements for packaging strength increase with weight increase of shipment.

  • Soft Goods
    • Clothing
    • Sheets and Blankets
    • Drapes and other cloth

Boxes under 5 lbs must be filled completely. Bags must be completely clinched. For weights over 20 lbs, cardboard containers must meet specific strength requirements.

  • Toys
    • Toys without batteries included
    • Toys that do not contain liquid or contents under pressure

Package in a way that will keep the toy and it’s parts from shifting or being broken.

  • Magnets

Magnets of low strength or higher strength magnets sent via ground transportation.