Non Mailable Content

What you will never, ever be able to mail. Trying to mail these things can get you in quite a lot of trouble!

Don't mail these things:

  • Solicitations that masquerade as bills or invoices with no disclaimer
  • Solicitations that imply USPS Endorsement
  • Private Lottery tickets
  • Mail sent by a person using a fictitious title, name, address while engaged in violating the law
  • Lewd or filthy matter containing obscene writing or printing or information on how to obtain that type of material
  • Matter that incites violence, murder, treason, assassination or forcible resistance to the law.
  • Matter that contains forged documents or government seals.
  • Fake identification
  • Material related to animal fighting
  • Sweepstakes not conforming to legal restrictions
  • Phony checks that don’t disclose that they have no cash value
  • Any mailing that is sent to a person who has requested in writing to not have that material sent to them.