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mailstation 2™, the original all-purpose meter for low volume mailing needs.

  • Built-in scale helps calculate the exact postage rates.
  • Integrated USPS Shipping Assistant® for mailing packages.
  • Exact postage every time on letters, flats, parcels & postcards.
  • Print postage for up to 18 letters per minute.

How You Can Save Money on Postage Online With Pitney Bowes


Pitney Bowes offers the evolution of the Postage Meter. It is versatile, easier to maintain and now cheaper than ever to use for your business. The Pitney Bowes solution is one best suited to small businesses that do letter mailing or small package shipping. Read about the Pitney Bowes features here.


The advantage over a traditional postage meter is great. The Mailstation 2 ™ Digital Mailing System fool-proofs a lot of what was frustrating before about sending mail of different weights, changing dates and postage rates, since these things are done automatically now. Read about the Pitney Bowes advantages here.

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