How® Works:

Getting started is easy. You’d think for such a powerful system, there’d be a lot to learn in order to get started. Not really! The designers of had you in mind when they created the interface so getting what you want done is intuitive and doesn’t require hunting for options.

Getting Started:

  1. Simply download and install the software
  2. Set up your user name and password and enter your physical address and billing information
  3. Go to the postage wizard (in the upper left) Postage Purchase Wizard

The postage wizard has an easy walk-through (below) that will get you all the way through the process.

Watch this video to see how easy this is.

  1. Choose the type of mail you want to send
  2. Enter the weight manually (until you get your scale)
  3. Choose what media to print on (labels, paper, etc.) from a drop-down list
  4. Enter the delivery address
  5. Choose the delivery speed and cost See video about it:
  6. *Optional: Add insurance, Certified Mail® or Registered Mail
  7. See all the information you have entered
  8. Print!® Postage Rate Comparison:

You can even save your settings if you want to reuse them.

Using Your Digital Scale

When you receive your digital scale, simply plug it into any working USB port on your computer. The scale that comes free (you do pay S&H) with your subscription weighs items up to 5 lbs. It integrates directly to give the accurate weight of your parcel to® so it can calculate the exact postage costs. Should you need to ship heavier items, a 25lb scale is also available as an upgrade for purchase.® 25lb. Digital Scale

Buying More Postage

Updating your balance is easy and you can do it any time. You can always tell how much postage is in your account by looking at the bottom left corner.

How to update your balance with® electronically

  1. Click Buy Postage
  2. Enter the dollar amount you want to add
  3. Confirm that amount

Watch this video to see how easy this is.

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